We are happy to announce that Travelport Mobile Agent already features Enhanced Results in Availability for Hotel and Rent-A-Car.

From now on, travel agents can perform a quicker and friendlier search when booking hotels and rent-a-car for their clients in Travelport Mobile Agent. All they have to do is touch the colored on-screen links and the content of this typingless functionality will be accessible right away.

With Enhanced Results for Hotel and Rent-a-Car, travel agents will be able to make their working day more productive by offering the best choices for their clients’ unique needs in a more prompt way through their smartphones.

This Enhanced Results feature might be turned on or off allowing travel agents to choose between a richer terminal or the standard one and is available both in Travelport Mobile Agent and TTS WebAgent for Apollo and Galileo GDSs.

Give it a try and let us know your opinion!