We are very pleased to announce that Travelport Mobile Agent is available for Windows Phone since April 26th.

Travelport Mobile Agent is a mobile application that provides access to all Travelport GDS, allowing travel agents to work on their Apollo, Galileo or Worldspan terminal on mobile devices thus offering them full mobility and allowing them to access their GDS anytime, anywhere.

Travelport Mobile Agent has now reached the Windows Mobile market by becoming accessible to all travel agents with Windows smartphones through the Windows Store, expanding its sphere of action to all the major mobile operating systems: iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Travelport Mobile Agent is the first GDS access app developed for Windows Phone and the only one available built solely with smartphone and tablet devices in mind.

Please visit the Windows Store to download the Travelport Mobile Agent app or download it for iOS and Android.

Learn more about Travelport Mobile Agent here or watch the video here!

We hope you enjoy!