We started the year out strong in January with the establishment of our Research and Development (R&D team) in Azores and continued throughout the year, as we launched two brand new solutions, TTS Web Agent and TTS Corporate, and also released new versions of Travelport Mobile Agent 3.0, TTS Consolidator 3.0 and TTS WeBook (formerly known as TTS Wagency).

Following our commitment to promote innovation, we partnered with the University of Azores in October to start the 1st edition of a Travel Technology course. Sharing knowledge and contributing to the training of the future Tourism and Technology professionals was a fantastic experience.

In 2014, TTS also continued to expand its presence worldwide: not only we closed an agreement with Travelport for the sales and distribution of TTS Consolidator in the Africa and Middle East regions, but also entered the Asia Pacific markets after a technology roadshow across four cities in Australia and New Zealand.

And we finished this amazing year with great news: TTS Corporate Premium successfully ended the Closed Beta phase.

Stay tuned to find out how we can help you take your business to the next level in 2015!