João Silva and Pedro Carvalho, students of the IT, Networks and Multimedia Course of the Azores University are the winners of the third edition of the Technology in the Travel Industry Course prize with their ‘Corporate Agent Live Support’ project.

During the final module of the course, TTS challenged the students to put into practice the knowledge and techniques they had learned in the previous sessions and apply them to create solutions to help solve specific needs of businesses in the tourism and travel industry.

The ‘Corporate Agent Live Support‘ project consists in a web app that connects corporate clients and their travel agents. On the client side, they can access a chat where they can communicate directly with their agents, clarifying any doubts or setbacks they may have. On the travel agent’s side they can consults their clients’ chat requests as well as information about them, see old chats for clarification of doubts or problems. Administrators can also check the statistics’ area and analyze the number of chats created per month, the volume of messages exchange between clients and agents, and the status of chats (pending, answered, or terminated).

Both winners were granted a weekend in Hotel Inglaterra for two.

Learn more about this project here.