TTS Corporate | Improved Hotel Search & Travel Policies

Great news! TTS Corporate continues to evolve to support more real-life travel policy rules and speed up approval processes.

Booking process | Improved hotel search

Ability to limit the accommodation search results to the geographical area of interest by specifying the search radius so users can review only relevant results.

Travel Policies | Avoiding frozen approval processes

To avoid the cases where the approval process doesn’t proceed due to lack of response, the sequential process now lets users define the maximum time the system waits for the response of each approver, as well as a default approval behavior to apply to trips in case the trip approvement status is not reached due to lack of response.

Travel Policies | Allowing more comfort on long flights

Some companies allow trips in Business or First if the trip exceeds a certain duration to offer more comfort to their travelers on long flights. Now, TTS Corporate’s travel policies support this rule.

Travel Policies | Maximum price as tolerance towards the cheapest search result

Flight prices differ quite a lot depending on the trip, time to departure, stay, season, etc. so defining the maximum price as a flat rate is too limiting. To support the air pricing dynamics, TTS Corporate now allows the ability to set the flight maximum price allowed also as a percentage tolerance towards the cheapest search result.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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