TTS Corporate Managed Services – Let TTS do the configurations for you!

Although TTS Corporate is really simple and intuitive to manage, all minutes count in a travel agents day so we created a new optional service for TTS Corporate clients called Managed Services. Managed Services allow travel agents to ask TTS to do their TTS Corporate’s configurations for them so they can dedicate their time to actually doing business.

In short, TTS will manage your agency profile, create, update or delete companies and users and setup the content and features you subscribed for your agency and for your companies. 

With Managed Services, TTS Corporate and so Travelport are the first to offer travel agencies a CBT service that gives travel agencies the autonomy to outsource part or all their CBT settings management to their CBT provider whenever they want.

So remember, when you need something changed, you just need to ask us.

Go here to find out more abouTTS Corporate Managed Services.

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