TTS Corporate is constantly evolving and presenting new features that help travel agencies increase their revenue: Markup Fees for Air Content.

From now on, with Markup Fees, travel agencies will be able to apply this revenue model in bookings made through TTS Corporate. When there are Markup fees applied to an air trip, the taxes details are not presented, only the total tax amount, meaning the markup applied will not be visible to the customer.

Markup fees can be defined for Travelport GDS Air Content per company, applicable dates, Type of Flight (Domestic, International, Intercontinental), City-Pair, Region, Airline, and Class and can be a fixed amount or percentage based on the fare or on the total price of the trip. The markup fee applied is described in the PNR through a DI defined by the agency.

The markup Fees feature can be activated on the Customization page. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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