TTS Corporate is leaving “Open Beta” and moving to a more mature version based on its client’s feedback.

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TTS Corporate is a Corporate Booking Tool with a mission to democratize CBTs so that any travel agency can offer a CBT to their corporate clients, small, medium, and even the big ones if what they wish are simplicity and easy-to-use features. That’s why, TTS has decided to open TTS Corporate for use at an early stage, allowing travel agents and companies to use it, benefit from it, and help TTS build the CBT they need.

The agency community welcomed the “Open Beta” and during the past year, TTS has been working with over 300 agencies and more than 1000 corporations, from all over the world, to gather feedback which has helped TTS fine-tune the solutions to travel agencies and corporations’ needs.

Pricing aligned with Travel Agencies business model

TTS Corporate will continue to be based on a “Freemium” pricing model allowing travel agents to register and use its standard features for free. A set of advanced features is also available for activation at granular pricing, meaning travel agencies can activate specific advanced features for specific clients, paying only for what each corporate customer actually needs.

To better align the technology with the Travel Agencies business model, TTS Corporate does not have setup, implementation, or booking costs.

Rewarding early adopters

To thank early adopters for their trust and collaboration, TTS has rewarded all early adopters with more than half a million dollars in credits that can be used in the next 6 months.

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