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We have great news! TTS Corporate has new stuff to help companies save moneyspeed up user managementimprove hotel search and results, and refine hotel travel policies.

Booking Process | Visual Guilt

Visual Guilt highlights the lowest prices available within specific time ranges for the user’s selected flights to let him know about those cheaper options so he can make a well-informed decision, which ultimately leads to trip savings. The suggested prices are included on the booking page and on the PNR for comparison and reporting purposes.


Ticketing Process | Split Ticketing

Split Ticket Search offers the traveler additional valuable travel options by combining One Way Fares to build a Round-Trip fare, all on the same interface and without any additional delays.


Users Management | Import travelers

Quickly create new travelers, and update and delete existing ones by importing users from an Excel file. The imported user data can also specify the user group so it can be immediately linked to the applicable travel policy.

Hotel Content | Search and Results:

  • Hotel search by POI or address: Travelers can now search by address or Point of Interest. Backed by Google Places, it allows the user to put any major POI as a search location reference and define the range of interest around that POI.
  • Hotel search by stars: travelers can now search and filter results by Hotel Star Rankings, ensuring the results presented are in line with the travelers’ wishes.
  • Hotel results displayed on the map: Hotel results are now presented on the map to help users better understand the location of each property in comparison with the address or POI searched, as well as in comparison with the other results.
  • Hotel info added to GDS PNR as a remark: When travelers book a hotel, additional information is added to the GDS PNR as remarks.

Travel Policies | Hotels

It’s now possible to define travel policies based on the Hotel Star ranking.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

If you need help or have any questions, please visit our Support Center or contact our Support Team at

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