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Travelport Mobile Agent Terminal and home page

Travelport Mobile Agent is a mobile application for iOS, and Android that provides access to all Travelport GDSs. It allows travel agents worldwide to work on their Apollo, Galileo, or Worldspan terminal on mobile devices, offering full mobility to the travel agent.

Offer 24/7 customer service without the late runs to the office.

Use your GDS anytime, anywhere!

All major mobile OS

Available for iOS platforms, iPhone, iPad, and for Android, supporting more than 10,000 devices.

All Travelport cores

One single app, the same functionality for all Travelport GDS systems, Apollo, Galileo, and Worldspan.

Cryptic Terminal

Access your GDS cryptic terminal, anytime, anywhere with features, like Linked commands, Enhanced results, Pkeys, History, Queues watcher, My PNRs, and Double Window.


What I truly enjoy about the TMA is both the ease and rapid response of the system. Using near intuitive software, it allows quick access and constant updates of my entire office’s PNR’s. Utilizing a large variety of tools, it gives me the confidence to manage all of my reservations no matter where or what I am doing.

Mark Feldman talked at the TTS Webinar.Mark Feldman, CEO @ Ziontours

I love Travelport Mobile Agent! It’s nice to be able to look up schedules and irregular operations when I am out of the office or traveling. I’ve used it both for myself and for clients! The days of having to worry about carrying a laptop to have access to my clients’ reserva- tions are over – this is a must-have application in today’s world of 24/ 7 accessibility.

Debbie Tate talked at TTS webinarDebbie Tate, Manager @ University Travel Service

Travelport Mobile Agent has eased the use of booking on mobile phone over the traditional use of desktop computers especially when I am on the move.

Vimala Sinnadurai, Executive Director @ Ace Altair Travels SB


Full mobility just how your clients expect

Check out how Travelport Mobile Agent will enable you to increase your productivity and help your clients. Getting back or staying until late in the office to solve emergencies or finish work is now a need of the past.

We are proud to say that Travelport Mobile Agent is the most used app by travel agents worldwide, based on customer reviews.

Anytime, anywhere

Access your most important working tool, your GDS cryptic terminal, anytime, anywhere. Offer great customer service by helping your customers right when they need and transform every opportunity in value.

Travelport Mobile Agent Terminal and home page
Travelport Mobile Agent Terminal

Work fast

The GDS response is fast and typingless features, like Linked commands, Enhanced results, Pkeys, History, Queues watcher, My PNRs, Double Window just to name a few, were carefully designed to take the best out of touch interaction to provide you a fast mobile work environment.

Rich Content & Branding

Accessible via Fare Shopping results, Rich Content & Branding offers travel agents quick access to the benefits and restrictions of a price, additional airline content, and easy access to other fares available for that flight combination.

Travelport Mobile Agent Brands and Ancillaries
Travelport Mobile Agent Terminal on tablet and smartphone

Full device synchronization & Continuity

Full synchronization is available between devices to offer you the exact same content on all devices. Travelport Mobile Agent allow users to change devices and pick up where they left off without the need to EndTransact.

Email templates

Email Templates allows Travelport Mobile Agent’s users to customize different emails with information from a wide variety of segments and have them ready to send to their clients when the time comes.

Customize your environment

Set your mobile terminal like it suits you best, save your GDS credentials and make it even easier to log in, change font size, turn on or off enhanced results and auto-execute history, customize your quick keys, and more.

Improve your business and your life just like Mary

Get to know Mary and learn how she improved her productivity and her travel agency’s customer service and gained more time for her personal life.

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Get full mobility. Download Travelport Mobile Agent now!

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What’s in it for you?

It allows travel agents to offer something that self-booking tools don’t – the security of a familiar face and voice.

By providing access to Travel Agents’ most important working tool on mobile environment, it enables your agency to help its clients in real time, in the moment they need.

By enabling a real 24/7 service, it promotes a stronger relation between your travel agency and its clients which will result in higher rates of client loyalty & retention.

It offers work environment access anytime, anywhere while releasing travel agents from being stuck to their desktop.

It maximizes business opportunities since allows travel agents to service customers anytime.

Freedom sounds good, right?

Join the mobility revolution here:



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