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TTS Consolidator Flight Search

Are you issuing tickets for your subagencies manually? Doing credit control manually? Those days are gone! TTS Consolidator automates the process between the Consolidator agency and its subagencies! TTS Consolidator supports Travelport’s Galileo.

Enable your consolidation/host agency business growth while minimizing your financial risk.

Ticketing Autonomy

The ability to issue tickets with just a click offers automation and autonomy to non-IATA sub-agencies/independent agents.

Credit and Quality control

Minimizes consolidators/host agencies’ financial risk by providing credit control features and reduces issuance errors decreasing ADMs.

Intuitive web-based solution

Accessible 24/7 from any browser with internet access, it offers an intuitive experience that doesn’t require GDS knowledge.

Fast Setup

Being web-based, there is no need to install any software and its setup is made quickly.


The solution is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and German and is prepared to accommodate other languages.

Travelport GDS

Supports Travelport’s Galileo, and all data is synchronized in real-time.


The TTS Consolidator  solution allows the non-IATA travel agencies to give their customers the availability and speed at least equal to their competitors that are IATA. TTS Consolidator  is a turn of the page in the relationship between the non-IATA agency and the IATA consolidator because allows autonomy to issue tickets 24 hours during 365 days a year, it’s accessible from anywhere with internet connection and quite intuitive because doesn’t require special training. The success of our model as a consolidator is inseparable from TTS Consolidator.

Nuno Vargas, Owner @ Magnet

TTS Consolidator has been a fundamental partner on the growth of TravelGEA.

Besides it beeing a very “user friendly” platform, it allows that our Non-IATA partners to have more efficiency, autonomy, accessibility and 24h service, besides I want to highlight the availability and eficiency of TTS’ team.

Sandra Anjos, Director @ TravelGEA Tours SL


Take a sneak peek

Check out how the TTS Consolidator’s new design and features can increase productivity, reduce business risk, and allow both the consolidators/host agencies and the non-IATA agents/independent agents to work better.

Non-IATA like an IATA agency

Offer your sub-agencies/independent agents the ability to issue tickets and allow them to compete in the IATA agencies league while bringing automation to your business.

TTS Consolidator Home page
TTS Consolidator Flight Search in a desktop and laptop

Great search flexibility

Supports Best price (Best Buy) and Availability Search allowing agents to better serve price and schedule-oriented clients.

Offers the ability to improve the best price search results through Flexi Flights (One Way combinations).

Provides advanced search parameters and powerful filtering options to allow the travel agents to insert the traveler preferences in order to optimize the results.

No GDS knowledge

The graphical user interface and the intuitive experience makes it friendly for any user without GDS knowledge. Search, create, view, edit and cancel PNRs and also import PNRs from the GDS, insert APIs, request SSRs and seating, add remarks, access vendor remarks, send itineraries and access the cryptic PNR view are much easier tasks.

TTS Consolidator New PNR
TTS Consolidator New PNR on Laptop

Full business control

Insert general business rules or specify them per subagency/independent agent: fees, preferred and blacklisted carriers, remarks.

Control your financial risk by managing your sub-agencies/independent agents credit line and allowed credit cards.

Keep track of your sub-agencies/independent agents activity through Account Transactions and Agencies Balance areas or export reports.

Include your private fares and manage your board.

Want to keep using the Travelport GDS?

No problem! Sub-agencies/independent agents can work in their Travelport GDS and in TTS Consolidator at the same time, both systems being integrated in real-time so that non-IATA agents/independent agents can use TTS Consolidator just for ticketing.

TTS Consolidator with smartpoint plugin

Smartpoint Plugin for sub-agency users

With TTS Consolidator Smartpoint Plugin sub-agencies/independent agents will be able to use TTS Consolidator’s features without leaving their Travelport Smartpoint terminal.

TTS Consolidator mobile app

TTS Consolidator mobile app allows users to access their TTS Consolidator through their iOS smartphone and tablet allowing travel agents to improve their mobility and answer their clients’ requests anytime, anywhere.

TTS Consolidator on mobile
PCI DSS Compliant Logo

What’s in it for you?

It offers consolidators/host agencies the mechanisms to set, manage and keep track of each sub-agency/independent agent credit, giving total control to the consolidators regarding the risk they are willing to take per non-IATA agency.

Its graphical and intuitive experience, the automation and control minimize structure costs and reduce the need for specialized human resources for both parties, consolidators/host agencies and non-IATA agencies/independent agents.

The system issues only guaranteed fares which will contribute to improving quality and to reducing errors and ADMs.

The ticketing automation and the fact of being a web-based solution, making it accessible 24/7, allow sub-agents/independent agents to work whenever suits them best while releasing consolidators/host agencies’ team from manual, bureaucratic and time-consuming processes.

Improves the service consolidators/host agencies offer to the sub-agencies/independent agents and enables sub-agencies to provide a better service to their customers, allowing them to match the service of IATA agencies thus increasing business opportunities.

Custom Developments

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