TTS Corporate is a corporate booking solution with no implementation or booking costs, which offers a fast booking flow to travelers while ensuring travel compliance whenever there are corporate travel policies in place. It provides a truly simple management experience to travel agents. TTS Corporate supports all Travelport GDSs: Apollo, Galileo, and Worldspan.

Give autonomy to your corporate customers!

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Built for corporate travel

A solution designed specifically to easily handle corporate travel and optimize the travel management processes between agencies and companies.

Easy to use and to setup

It offers a fast booking flow to travellers and a truly simple management experience to travel agents.

Multiple Content

Network and Low-cost carriers, hotels, and rent-a-car content is available. Supports Apollo, Galileo, and Worldspan, and all data is synchronized in real-time.

Multiple devices

The web-based application and its mobile apps for iOS and Android allow you to use it on desktop, laptop, hybrid, and mobile.


The solution is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish and is prepared to accommodate other languages.

No setup or booking costs

To better aligned with travel agencies’ business model, TTS Corporate does not have setup or booking costs.


A corporate booking solution for everyone

Check out how TTS Corporate turns simple and free what has been complex and expensive!

The fastest search response time

Check out how TTS Corporate turns simple and free what has been complex and expensive!


Tailored for each company

Customization offers travel agencies the ability to tailor the tool according to their own and their company’s exact needs. Travel agencies can activate specific content and features just for specific companies and offer their companies a tool as settings-rich as each company needs.

Set your booking environment

Setup your content and advanced features according to the business rules of your travel agency and the ones agreed between you and your companies. You can define globally or per company, each content settings like payment logic, carrier preferences, queues, among others, as well as advanced features settings like agency branding where you can add a logo and specify a colour scheme or specify per company which private fares they can access, and much more.

Simplified travel policy management

Travel agencies can give their corporate clients the autonomy they need while TTS Corporate makes sure they comply with their specific travel policies.

Rich Content & Branding

TTS Corporate users and travellers can easily check the benefits and restrictions of each fare, access additional airline content, and the ancillaries available for the flights distributed by the GDS whenever flights have rich content and branding available.

Ask TTS to do the configurations for you

Yes, even simple setups take time. Subscribe Managed Services to ask TTS to do your TTS Corporate’s configurations for you, so you can dedicate your time to the business itself. Like any customizable feature in TTS Corporate, you choose if you want and how you want to use it. This offers you the flexibility of having us managing everything for you or just the things you want. It’s all up to you.

TTS Corporate Mobile

TTS Corporate is also available for mobile environments. The mobile extension is a native app that includes the TTS Corporate’s features relevant for the business traveler in an optimized experience for tablets and smartphones. Available for iOS and Android.

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TTS Corporate is a very useful tool and more clients should adhere to it. Clients have the possibility to search their flights, schedules, connections and get to know the costs immediately, without the need to wait for the agency to get back to them. Consequently, the agency has more availability for other services.

Arcina Dauto, Managing Director @ Tara Travel

What’s in it for you?

Reduces booking time and optimizes communication between agencies and their corporate clients reducing errors and misunderstandings.

The autonomy it brings is widely perceived as better service by corporate clients which contributes to increase client loyalty and retention.

Optimized communication and processes reduce administrative work enabling agents to focus more on business and less in procedure execution, while booking autonomy with automated policy validation enables travel management delegation within the companies.

Booking decisions are made with complete knowledge of all available offers while keeping access to their own and their agency negotiated fares.

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