Modern-day technology has evolved at a frightening pace and the world has been constantly adapting to this ever-changing technology. As a result of this ever-changing technology all sorts of information are available within seconds; travel agents have been forced to adapt their businesses in order to serve their customers whenever and wherever required. However, this was easier than done because of the limiting technologies available to travel agents themselves. While their customers have been enjoying the benefits of anywhere access and instant online bookings that smartphones, tablets, and online bookings have to offer, travel agents suffered from somewhat restricted access to their primary booking servers until recently. This made a physical presence mandatory.

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However, keeping in mind the latest developments in the travel industry, this phenomenon seems to be changing rapidly. Gone are those days when a travel agent needs to have a physical presence in order to access the GDS server and offer services to their customers. Mobile solutions have finally been made available to travel agents. For example, TTS has come up with the Travelport Mobile Agent. This application allows travel agents to access the GDS system remotely using their iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

Such technologies allow travel agents to boost their customer base to phenomenal levels as agents who use these technologies can boast of offering “the best in the market” services to their customers. The most dramatic change that these technologies bring about is the ability to use the right device at the right moment.

One of the most important services that a travel agent must offer to its customers in the modern-day fast-paced, competitive environment is super fast and efficient responses, irrespective of whether the agent is in the office or not. While this wasn’t possible earlier, the latest developments in travel agency software have transformed how travel agencies look at GDS access.

For example, when in the office the computer can be used to access Travelport Smartpoint. When on the road, the Smartphone or tablet can be used to access the Travelport Mobile Agent (running on Apple as well as Android). Finally, when the agents are outside the corporate network, they can use laptops or desktops to access the TTS Web Agent. All three solutions offer travel agents the same features that their desktop-based GDS access systems offer.

What makes these upgrades so useful and important is that they enhance the mobility enjoyed by travel agents, thereby allowing them to focus on boosting their market and expanding their reach. Moreover, irrespective of which solution the travel agent chooses to use, he/ she can enjoy access to the Galileo, Worldspan, or Apollo GDS system regardless of time and venue.