The world of technology is changing once more. Technology is no longer about restricting people to a particular place. It is no longer about devices. Due to the ever changing technology, mobility now refers to people being completely mobile with a number of paradigms that help them to stay mobile. Mobile travellers are individuals who prefer to make use of their mobile devices and smartphones to find out more about travel destinations, book their travel itineraries and stay in touch with the various services that they might require during their holidays. Mobile travel services go a long way in enhancing the convenience of travellers and also offer them with extremely flexible and easy to use solutions. Most of these mobile travellers are young couples, millennials and middle aged couples.

How do mobile travellers use their devices?

The growth of the modern traveller has been nothing if not enormous. 25% of the travel searches are made using mobile phones. Travel is also known to be the 5th most downloaded category and the 2nd fastest growing category on mobiles. Travellers are using their mobile devices on all sorts of travel activities such as checking airfare prices, looking up airport information, checking flight status, booking/ cancelling/ rescheduling bookings, looking up hotel related information, researching on attractions, nightclubs and places to eat, reading reviews and comparing prices.

What do mobile travellers need?

Mobile travellers need excellent solutions that offer them with the right kind of prices and services for “on the go” bookings and information. Statistics show that 25% of the tour bookings made by mobile travellers are done within the next 36 hours. Another 20% of the bookings are done within 60 hours. Thus, almost 45% of the mobile travellers crave for solutions that offer them with simplified and easy to use “on the go” bookings, information or services. These travellers are famous for being extremely spontaneous when it comes to booking their flights and their hotels.

What do mobile travellers expect from their travel agents?

Whether on a holiday or traveling for business, mobile travellers rely on their mobile devices to keep in touch with the world. 61% of the mobile travellers mention email and messaging as their most used apps. Almost 50% of the mobile travellers cite camera/ video functions as a necessity while 45% require social media apps. A vast majority of these travellers are most likely to plan their holidays around 08.00PM or at night. Thus, what mobile travellers need from their travel agents is very simple to comprehend. All mobile travellers need and want is to have access to a travel agent who can offer them with “on the go” information, personalized recommendations, customizable solutions, 24 x 7 access, quick response times and efficient services.

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To sum up, any travel agency looking at catering to and attracting mobile travellers needs to upgrade and personalize its services to suit their needs. Things like travel apps, mobile resources, personalized delivery and quick communications are imperative. To do so, travel agents need to change their ways and equip themselves with mobile solutions that enable them to react and respond quickly to their customers no matter where they are, in our outside the office.