Revolutionizing Corporate Travel with NDC: A New Era Begins

Navigating the complexities of corporate travel requires a blend of innovation, efficiency, and a deep understanding of the evolving needs of businesses and travelers alike. At TTS, we’re committed to leading the charge in transforming travel booking processes with cutting-edge solutions. We’re thrilled to announce the integration of New Distribution Capability (NDC) Content in TTS Corporate, marking a significant leap forward in offering customized, cost-effective, and seamless travel experiences. Let’s explore the transformative impact of NDC Content on corporate travel management and how it enhances the capabilities of TTS Corporate, providing our users with unmatched control and flexibility for their travel arrangements.

The Hidden Struggles of Travel Agents in a Fragmented Air Content Landscape: Introduction

What is NDC Content?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) launched New Distribution Capability (NDC) to improve how airlines sell their products. NDC is a collection of technological standards that will allow the travel industry to revolutionize how air products are sold to companies, leisure, and business travelers. It attempts to address the present industry constraints of product differentiation, time-to-market, access to complete and rich air content, and a transparent buying experience.

Unlike traditional content distribution methods, which rely on pre-filed fares and standardized offers, NDC Content allows airlines to distribute their full range of products directly to travel agents, corporate booking tools, like TTS Corporate, and other third parties. This direct connection facilitates the delivery of personalized and dynamic offers, including ancillaries and bundled packages, that were previously difficult or impossible to access through traditional Global Distribution Systems (GDS).

The role played by IATA in the development and promotion of NDC standards is paramount. IATA, being the trade association for the world’s airlines, has taken very close cooperation with the industry so that NDC standards are open, flexible, and capable of being further developed with technological capabilities. Based on the provision of increased choice and personalized travel experiences to the end consumer, the IATA’s NDC initiative, therefore, has the potential to fundamentally change the way airlines sell their products by creating a more connected and transparent marketplace.

The Integration of NDC Content in TTS Corporate

By integrating New Distribution Capability (NDC) Content into TTS Corporate we revolutionized the corporate travel booking experience. This integration process involved substantial updates to our platform’s infrastructure to ensure seamless access to NDC offerings directly from airlines and travel service providers.

With the inclusion of NDC Content, TTS Corporate now includes key features that include access to a greater range of airline inventory and in the future the opportunity to book extra services that were previously unavailable or difficult to obtain via traditional distribution methods.

Examples of how NDC Content enhances the booking experience are evident in the day-to-day operations of corporate travel managers and travelers alike. For instance, travel managers can now offer employees more varied flight options and tailored travel packages that meet specific preferences and requirements, all while maintaining control over travel policies and budget considerations. This leads to a more satisfactory and efficient travel management process, where both the needs of the company and the preferences of individual travelers are met with unprecedented precision and flexibility.

Future of Corporate Travel with TTS Corporate and NDC Content

The incorporation of New Distribution Capability (NDC) Content into TTS Corporate’s solutions is more than a stride forward; it is a leap into the future of business travel management. TTS Corporate’s embrace of NDC positions it at the forefront of travel technology, ensuring that its platform remains extremely relevant and ahead of industry trends. NDC Content allows for a more nuanced, flexible, and efficient travel booking and management experience, distinguishing TTS Corporate from competitors and redefining what users expect from a corporate travel booking tool.

Looking ahead, TTS Corporate is committed to continuous innovation and improvement. The addition of NDC Content is part of a larger strategy to integrate the most recent technology and standards into the travel industry. These advancements will not only speed up the trip management process but will also provide corporate clients with more access and control over their travel budgets and rules. With the inclusion of NDC Content in TTS Corporate corporate travel management will be improved by making it more user-friendly, cost-effective, and adaptable to a rapidly changing business environment.


Throughout this exploration of the New Distribution Capability (NDC) Content, we’ve unveiled how its integration into TTS Corporate revolutionizes corporate travel management. The NDC Content not only broadens access to airline inventories but also personalizes the travel booking experience, optimizes cost efficiency, and ensures the delivery of up-to-date travel information. These advancements underscore our dedication to providing top-tier services that respond to the evolving needs of our users. We encourage you to dive into TTS Corporate and explore how the NDC Content can elevate your corporate travel experience.

The Hidden Struggles of Travel Agents in a Fragmented Air Content Landscape: Introduction