How Technology Will Change Your Hotel Stay

In a previous article, we talked about how the future of travel will look like in 10 years time. In this article, we will tackle the travel technology topic, but this time more focused on the hospitality industry and how it has already started to change and impact the hotel experience.

Here are some of the tech upgrades we will be seeing in the hotels:

Mobile checkout capacities that will allow travelers to check-in and check-out on their mobile phones. The Marriott Hotels and Resorts are the first ones to incorporate this feature in their mobile app.

Instead of a room key, the guests will use their smartphonePersonality Hotels are the first ones to introduce it.

• “An app that will send digital keys to your smartphone, allowing you to skip the check-in desk and head straight to the guest room upon arrival. Starwood Hotels & Resorts is already testing this app.”

• Arriving guests will be able to go directly to airport-style check-in kiosks, and only interact with a human if they really need to; so if someone should need to store luggage, a giant robotic arm serves as a bellhop. Yotel New York City is already using this, and their robot goes by the name of Yobot.

• Guest rooms with heat-detecting body sensors that let the housekeeping staff know when a room is occupied; it’s a sort of automatic,”do not disturb” notice (however guests can still push a button to activate the electronic “do not disturb” manually). Hotel 1000 is the one featuring this service. On top, they also provide a “virtual golf club” – an interactive venue that allows guests to try their skills in virtual recreations.

Pool tables and shuffleboards are some of the recreation activities you can find in a Playroom “stocked with Nintendo gaming consoles and a 30-foot Plinko game wall”. More exactly, you can find them at Hotel Zetta.

Business Bar – “a service that provides travelers with loaner Apple products, including iPads and MacBook Pros, as well as Kindle and Nook tablets and digital cameras.” The Eventi Hotel is a proud owner of such a bar.

• A mobile game app that puts travelers in virtual “management” roles, challenging them to oversee the complex operations of a hotel. Carlson Rezidor Group has already introduced such app, called Rad Hotel by Radisson.

TTS’ Take: As one can notice, the development of this above-mentioned technology has one purpose only: to leverage the user experience, give more flexibility and improve the customer service, cutting out the intermediaries and providing more transparency to the end consumers.



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