If you’re really looking to make your customers love your travel agency, you need to provide them with the right kind of service. Before you understand exactly how to do that, you need to realize that there are millions of travel agents all over the world offering just about the same thing as you. So what is it that makes your travel agency so different? What is it that makes customers want to choose your agency over and above others? Well, the answer to this complex question is actually quite simple. All a modern travel agent needs to do is to focus on the subtle things and the little aspects that lead to happy customers – things that no customer usually expects, but every customer appreciates.

The First Date

Remember, the first experience is more like a first date. The key to customer retention is to get your act right the first time. Remember, if the first experience is pathetic, there will be no second experience. But, if your service somewhat diminishes once you’ve been engaged with your client for quite a while, they won’t divorce you immediately. After all, there is room for some error once that relationship has been established.

Get acquainted with technology

One of the first and foremost things that any modern travel agent needs to do is to make technology his/ her primary asset. The growth of technology might have made your role more redundant, but it also offers you with all sorts of benefits. One of the simplest, yet most effective examples, of building customer trust is to offer them with smart applications – things like an SMS during the flight so that they get it just when they land. This gives your service a personalized touch and helps to build trust. Another solution is to offer your customers with things like FaceTime, Skype and Viber as a way of contacting you. Customers immediately fall in love with travel agents who can offer them with smart applications.

Keep in Touch

Make sure that you keep in touch with your customers during their vacation. This helps you to stay aware of the happenings and iron out any flaws that might crop up during the holiday. Remember, happy customers are more than likely to stay loyal to their agent simply because the agent helped them get rid of a headache or solve a problem during their holiday or because the agent offered them with great customer service.

Stay updated

It always makes sense for a modern travel agent to stay updated and informed about the latest trends and happenings, both in terms of travel destinations as well as travel technology. If you’re updating yourself with the latest travel trends, you would have realized that travel agencies that can offer their customers with something different are sure to have happy customers. One of the simplest ways of doing this is to recommend a free guide app about the destination to your customers or create an in-depth guide yourself.

Follow Up

People hate travel agents who forget all about them once the holiday is over. Getting feedback from your customers and ironing out any problems from the first trip in the second one is as essential as great customer service. Customers tend to remember those who follow up and they are more than likely to be satisfied if your travel agency can actually deliver such services.

The Growth of Hyper-Personalization

Hyper-personalization has also emerged as another major travel trend for the year 2014. More and more travelers prefer authentic and unique experiences over those textbook itineraries and travel agencies that can offer their customers with such experiences are flourishing. Therefore, it always makes sense for you to customize the information that you offer based on your customer’s personal profile and preferences.

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