The internet has made the world a much smaller place and has also made it extremely simple for individuals and corporate houses to book their own tours and itineraries. That said, nothing can match the level of expertise and personal attention brought in by the right travel agents. The modern-day world allows travelers to shop around for their travel arrangements and choose from all sorts of solutions and all kinds of agents. This makes things extremely competitive in the travel industry and an agent must really stay on top of the game in order to attract more clientele.

Be available 24/7

One of the most important things that any travel agent needs to do is be available 24×7 for his or her clients. The modern travel environment has become extremely diverse, and people can book tickets within seconds, right from their Smartphones. This means that travel agencies need to be more available so that customers don’t get an opportunity to go somewhere else. This works well for large mobile travel agents who have people working for them round-the-clock, but many smaller agencies find it impossible to cope up with the timeframes.

As so many travel agencies have come to realize, there isn’t a moment of peace in a travel business. If you’re not busy booking tickets or packages, you’re busy exploring new ideas to sell to your clients. This means that the only time you get to stay away from your business and actually switch off is when you finally go to sleep at the end of a long and tiring day at work. One of the biggest problems with such schedules is that it plays havoc with your skin and your health. It drastically increases your stress levels, which leads to all sorts of issues, right from poor health to increased acne breakouts. It also affects your productivity and affects your quality of work.

And then, there are those emergencies to deal with. Travel agents come across all sorts of emergencies on a day-to-day basis, and any good agent also understands the importance of client servicing and personal interaction with clients. With so much to do, one has to spend time away from the office. And what happens when one takes a vacation? After all, relaxation is one of the most basic needs of a human and is far more important for people employed in professions that demand a lot of time. Vacations are a great way of getting away from work-related stress and relaxing, but the perfectly planned vacations, vacations that one took after months of hard work, go to waste the moment one realizes that the agency missed out on processing a huge order simply because the person indispensable to the business wanted to take a break.

This is where travel agents technology comes to the rescue. Solutions such as the Travelport Mobile Agent and the TTS Web Agent make it possible for travel agents to transform themselves into mobile travel agents by giving them the power to issue tickets and make reservations while on the go and in the comfort of their homes, which means that they enjoy more mobility and flexibility. These tools allow travel agents to work on Galileo, Worldspan or Apollo GDS, using their mobile devices in a safe and secure environment.

Therefore, the travel agent can not only stay in touch with clients but can also process orders while on the move, so that he/ she never has to lose business ever again.

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