Trend: to veer in a new direction or show a tendency. What’s trending in travel in 2015, and how will it impact travel agents and the travel industry?


The Good News in Global Travel

  • World tourism increased approximately 4.7 per cent in 2014 and is expected to grow another 3 to 4 % in 2015. 
  • The Americas, Asia, and the Pacific are registering the strongest growth.
  • Tourism is boosting global economic recovery and will be significant to the Australian economy as well.

What Else is Trending in Travel 2015?

Some travel trends 2015 seem contradictory; others are surprising for who is driving the trends. Here are some trends travel agencies will want to capitalize on in 2015:

  • Social media connects travel services providers with clients but won’t drive all sales. Travellers’ pocketbooks will influence their decisions.
  • Despite cost-saving attitudes, travellers are willing to pay for personalized options, including bundled ancillaries and add-ons. 
  • Business travel bookings are expected to increase from 2014. More business travellers want instant access to experts for assistance at all stages of their travels.


Generational Travel Trends

  • Millennials (not Boomers or GenXers) have become a major force in driving travel sales.
  • Millennials use travel agents. Technology comfortable, Millennials value agents’ input and expertise far more than do GenXers and Boomers.
  • Travel is increasingly multi-generational. Boomers and Matures are taking their children and grandchildren on their travels and this family travel trend is expected to continue. 

Luxury Travel Trends 2015

Luxury travel is on the rise in 3 interesting areas:

  • Cruises are increasingly popular with MultiGen travellers. 
  • An increasing number of travellers prefer private villas as a shift from traditional hotel rooms; luxury villas currently have the highest repeat rates in the travel industry.
  • Culinary travel is another big trend that ties in well with luxury travel packages.


The Importance of Technology in 2015

Social media and travel technology for travel agents will be every bit as important in 2015 as in previous years:

  • Millennials are tech savvy and want access to Wi-Fi, multiple technology channels, and great apps. They use technology to research everything and social media for comments and recommendations. 
  • Omni-generational travellers are totally comfortable using internet travel search engines and technology in general.
  • TTS Corporate and corporate booking for SMEs (small-to-medium enterprises) software make corporate travel booking easier for agents and clients; this software uses shopping cart logic for booking so that you can make use of more options in the same time.
  • TTS WeBook software integrates customizable air booking solutions on the agent’s website on as many Internet and Facebook pages as desired.


Clearly, social media is not vanishing. Agents must become more social media engaged to connect with current and prospective clients. 

Travel industry bloggers recommend that agents make time every day to review travel trends and changes in technology. (Travel publications are excellent trend/tech resources.) Agents must stay educated on every product, service and technology they offer.