Online booking tools have become an ever-more important topic for travel agents as corporate booking tools grow and develop. The travel industry is more competitive than it has ever been. Online booking tools that are also user-friendly can make a huge difference. Travel agents who can use these tools to help their clients save money along with integrated software for booking and booking platforms often find that their productivity increases, and their work-life balance tips in their favor.

Clients, especially corporate clients, are always looking for ways to save money. By using an online booking platform that can help you do your job remotely wherever you are in the world while still satisfying your client’s needs, you can provide that high level of customer service that corporate clients expect from their travel agents. Plus, corporate travelers need to maintain travel policy compliance, and booking tools help ensure that all company requirements are met.

The importance of Online Booking Tools

Travel agents can provide high levels of customer service to their corporate clients by utilizing an online booking platform that allows them to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Support clients 24/7

One important aspect is that these remote booking tools allow you to support clients 24/7. Because your clients may be anywhere in the world, as a travel agent you also need to be available anytime they need you. This 24/7 access is what really sets you apart as a corporate booking expert. Executives and corporate travelers need this 24-hour service as there is no telling why or when plans may change. Deals may need to be acted upon. Or simply last-minute happenstances of life can make a traveler need to change their flight. These individuals know that travel hiccups, delays, and last-minute changes can happen at any moment and so ensuring that there is availability for 24-hour support is essential. While no travel agent can be at their laptop or tablet continuously, there are few of us out of arms’ reach of our phones. These mobile online booking tools allow you to work remotely and expeditiously no matter the time of the day or night, whether you’re in the office or out of the office. That leads us to the right next point.

Online Booking Tools - Benefits

Work wherever you are

Just because you are a travel agent doesn’t mean you don’t intend to travel. The ability to work from anywhere in the world means you can take your work with you. Never again will you have to work vacations, holidays, or family get-togethers around your work. Instead, your work is as mobile as you are. Your clients can access you through the online forums that you provide and you have access to online booking tools. You can make any last-minute changes free of office constraints.

Many individuals may have last-minute travel plans before or around holidays and while many travel agents and travel agencies may be shut down, having these online booking tools readily available on your mobile device means that you can still provide the expert quality service that the modern corporate traveler requires.

The last thing you want is for one of your clients to become stranded and unable to reach you because you were out of the office. You also become more time efficient. Instead of having to let work accumulate until the next office hour, you’re able to get things done now. This allows you greater free time away from your work and provide better quality customer service to your clients.

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Increase traveler satisfaction

Having the ability to control all the aspects you need of your clients’ travel straight from a singular app like Travelport Mobile Agent can fundamentally change how you run and operate your business. Many corporate travel agents don’t even necessarily have permanent expensive offices anymore, choosing instead to opt for home offices. This can save you a significant amount of money personally. It also means that you no longer must worry about work-life balance, and enjoy work-life integration. Apps like these can help free you and pass on amazing savings to your clients.

The more frequently and the more regularly you deliver for them, are available for them, and provide them with high levels of customer service and monetary savings, the more often you’re going to find that these clients come back again and again for the quality service that only you can offer.

Travelport Mobile Agent integrates seamlessly with your Travelport GDS booking software like Apollo or Galileo that all your clients’ reservations are at your fingertips in one mobile app. Plus, programs like TTS Corporate mean your business clients will be easily able to comply with any travel policies. They also can make live time changes to bookings seamlessly and quickly when plans must change.


It is little wonder then that the freedom that Travelport Mobile Agent offers you to choose your own place of employment and your own hours of operation makes it an ideal booking tool. You also get an increase in customer satisfaction because your clients know they can get ahold of you 24/7. Your ability to find expert-level deals and pass those savings on to your clients means that your clients also receive a myriad of benefits from easier access, better customer satisfaction, higher rates of savings, and of course a desire for repeat business with you.

It is very likely within the next few years that remote booking tools will become the industry standard. Travel agencies as physical offices will exist only for a small percentage of travel agents. The benefits that it offers your business, and the savings that it can provide you and your clients all conspire to make online booking tools a far superior method compared to traditional office hours and computer-based booking tools. With so many benefits to remote booking tools, the corporate travel agent is better equipped to provide not only for their own happiness but also for their own personal well-being.

Article by Kathy Jackson, Account Manager @ TTS