TTS promo "2017 year in review"

2017 was a year filled with upgrades and innovations for TTS: from its rebranding to all the new features in our solutions… Last year was a roller coaster but we want to take the time to thank you for your continuous support and make sure you didn’t miss anything!

With all the new releases we understand that you might have missed some of the new features so here’s a recap of last year’s achievements on each of our solutions.


Management, Automation, and Ticketing Solution

We know how every second counts in the consolidation business. That is why throughout 2017 TTS Consolidator released several new features that improved the solution and offered new ways of making business for both IATA agencies and their sub-agents.

2017 Features:


Online and Mobile Corporate Booking Solution

Corporate travel is on the rise and it’s imperative for travel agencies to portray a good image of their service and give their clients as many choices as possible.

2017 Features:


Mobile Access to the GDS

Nowadays it’s imperative for every travel agent to be accessible to their clients no matter when or where they are.

2017 Features:


Internet Booking Engine

Having an internet booking engine embedded in the website or Facebook page of a travel agency is the first step to guarantee their clients can search and book trips even when the travel agents aren’t working. In 2017 we improved the user experience in TTS WeBook to meet the clients wants and needs.

2017 Features:

This is what we’ve been up to since 2011:

Keep tuned for 2018! We have a lot of news coming your way…